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Botanical Vapes


Introducing Cbx Botanical Vapes

Unique Infusions Paired with Full Spectrum Cannabinoids

CBx Vapes feature thoughtfully selected botanical infusions such as ginseng and passionflower, combined with a wide variety of cannabinoids extracted with Evolab's award-winning CO2 technology. Each formula is designed to augment and amplify the effects of full spectrum cannabis extracts, elevating the experience and benefits. Like all Evolab and CBx products, CBx Vapes use a proprietary 'Cannabis Derived Cutting Agent' and never contain residual solvents or any other chemical additives. Find a retailer near you.

Amplify or Meditate?

The right approach. For the right time.

  • Amplify combines the energizing effects of Green Tea with the zing of Ginseng. A sweet, uplifting flavor comes from precisely blended sativa terpenes while a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC stimulates, invigorates and excites.
  • Meditate marries equal parts CBN, THC and CBD with Passion Flower, Thyme and Sage for an earthy, woody flavor. The blend creates a deeply relaxing effect; ideal for unwinding at the end of a long day.

Thoughtfully Formulated With:



A powerful cannabinoid used for its sedative and pain relieving properties, reports show it is successfully used for insomnia and other sleep disorders.






Supports a healthy response to stress. Promotes physical stamina and endurance. Reported to improve concentration and memory. May help with sexual health and vitality.


Green Tea

A potent natural source of caffeine, Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) is loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants that may help protect brain cells from free radical damage.



CBD is non-psychotropic, but it activates TRVP1, TRPA1, GABA and Seratonin receptors. It has been studied for its many potential benefits including the ability to reduce anxiety and improve energy.

Passion Flower

Reported to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, passion flower has a sweet aroma and proven anti-inflammatory effects.



With a fragrant, earthy aroma, sage has been used in cooking and studied for its medicinal benefits for thousands of years. It has anti inflammatory and antioxidant effects.



With a slightly minty, woody flavor, thyme has been traditionally used for medicinal and culinary purposes. It has antibacterial, insecticidal & antifungal properties.



The primary active cannabinoid, THC has a host of potential benefits. It may improve sleep, reduce anxiety, increase appetite. It's an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. And it's also fun.

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