CBx Sciences Welcomes Dr. Ben Cowin to Team

Accomplished Sports Medicine Practitioner To Consult on Strategic Product Development; Serve as Brand Ambassador

DENVER – April 17, 2018 – CBx Sciences today announced that Dr. Ben Cowin DC, MS, ATC, CAFS has joined its team to consult on the development of unique cannabinoid products designed to support the needs of athletes. Dr. Cowin will also serve as a Brand Ambassador, educating stakeholders about the vast potential benefits of cannabinoid therapeutics.

Dr. Cowin has more than 20 years experience in sports medicine working with professional athletes competing at the highest levels. His experience includes a multitude of arenas such as Major League Baseball, National Football League, Ultimate Fighting Championships, multiple Olympic teams and many others.

Dr. Cowin will be working with CBx Sciences Chief Scientist Noel Palmer, Ph.D. to create new product formulations that meet the unique needs of athletes.

“It’s clear that CBD and other cannabinoids can play an important role in health, wellness and human performance,” said Dr. Cowin. “Following the recent announcement by the World Anti-Doping Agency that CBD is no longer a banned substance, more and more athletes at all levels are beginning to understand the potential of these natural approaches. With so many different types of hemp and cannabis products, it’s essential that users have access to products they can trust, backed by analytical testing for purity and safety. I’m pleased to be working with the skilled team at CBx Sciences to develop this next generation of cannabinoid therapeutics precisely formulated for the athletic community.”

“With two decades of experience as a national expert in peak performance, Dr. Cowin has worked with countless professional athletes,” said Nicole Smith, CEO, CBx Sciences. “As more amateur and professional athletes, as well as everyday people, begin to understand the many potential benefits of cannabinoid therapeutics, there is an increasing demand for thoughtfully formulated, highly effective products. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Cowin to our team and look forward to working with him to develop new ways of caring for both elite athletes and the rest of us.”

Stay tuned for the updates regarding the availability of new CBx Sciences products formulated in partnership with Dr. Cowin over the coming months. Find current CBx Sciences products by visiting the store locator at CBxSciences.com.


Graham Sorkin