Evolab & CBx Sciences Honored as ‘Business of the Year’ in 2018 Cannabis Business Awards

Recognition of Unparalleled Accomplishments in Cannabis Manufacturing and Product Development Throughout 2018

DENVER – Dec. 7, 2018 – CBx Enterprises, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvest Health & Recreation, Inc. (CSE:HARV) today announced that it was awarded a 2018 Cannabis Business Award for ‘Cannabis Business of the Year’ at a black tie gala held at the Denver Hilton City Center on Dec. 5, 2018. CBx Enterprises brands in Colorado include CBx Sciences and Evolab.

Hosted by Chloe Villano and Clover Leaf University, the Cannabis Business Awards honor cannabis organizations and professionals deserving of historical recognition and esteemed accolades for industry progression and innovation. Evolab and CBx Sciences have participated in the Cannabis Business Awards for several years, garnering numerous top honors including ‘Best Extract’ in 2016 and ‘Best Infused Product’ in 2017.

“Evolab has been making Colorado’s favorite products for close to a decade now,” said Nicole Smith, CEO of CBx Enterprises. “Over that time, the industry has grown and matured exponentially. With so many businesses from across the country in this increasingly competitive space, it’s enormously satisfying to receive this major national recognition from the Cannabis Business Awards team. We’ve had an incredible year, launching new products, expanding our team, and ultimately announcing a business combination with Harvest Enterprises that will allow us to expand our reach into nearly every cannabis market in the US. As exciting as this past year has been, we believe our future holds countless opportunities for us as we continue to build on our successful growth.”

Evolab and CBx Sciences have been recognized in numerous award programs for potent products and a unique approach to cannabis processing. Most recently, Evolab was awarded Best Flavored Vape at the 2018 Rooster Magazine THC Classic and Best Vape Cartridge at the 2018 Terpenes & Testing World Conference.

Evolab and CBx Sciences products are available at dispensaries across Colorado, and will be available in additional states in 2019. To find the location nearest you, please visit: https://www.evolab.com/find-our-products/ or https://weedmaps.com/brands/evolab

About Harvest Health & Recreation Inc.

Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. (Harvest) is one of the first consistently profitable, public vertically integrated cannabis companies with one of the largest footprints in the U.S. Harvest’s complete vertical solution includes industry-leading cultivation, manufacturing and retail facilities, construction, real estate, technology and operational expertise — leveraging in-house legal, HR and marketing teams, along with proven experts in writing and winning state-based applications. The company has 425 employees with proven experience, expertise and knowledge of in-house best practices that are drawn upon whenever Harvest enters new markets. Harvest’s executive team is comprised of leaders in finance, compliance, real estate and operations. Since its founding in 2011, Harvest has grown its footprint every year and now has licenses in 11 U.S. states, with planned expansion into additional states by 2020. Harvest shares timely updates and releases as part of its regular course of business with the media and the interested public. For more information, visit: https://www.harvestinc.com/.

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