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The CBx Mission

CBx Sciences is developing strategic partnerships and a robust cross-market global infrastructure to help the cannabis industry blossom.

The CBx team consists of real people with proven experience implementing advanced methodologies for cannabis cultivation, extraction, productization, analytics and global marketing. Whether you are looking to develop an edge in an aggressive market, evaluate a new product line or market entry, solve a problem, find a new revenue stream, retrofit or build out a new facility from the ground up, CBx exists to support your success.

From sourcing genetics to strategic implementation and global product distribution, CBx Sciences offers an incomparable mixture of expertise and resources that can help any cannabis business thrive.


Beyond Flower

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Elevating the Best of Nature

CBx Sciences offers a breadth of consulting expertise and robust strategic implementation services. Areas of focus include cultivation & genetics, extraction & processing, product development, compliance, sales and marketing - all driven by comprehensive analytics.

Cultivation & Genetics

CBx Sciences has developed an incomparable approach to cannabis cultivation based on collaboration with world-renowned growers that have spent decades refining and stabilizing unique genetics with optimized cannabinoid and terpene contents.

Extraction, Purification & Processing

The CBx laboratory team boasts extensive scientific expertise and research talent with a focus on clean extraction technologies that preserve the compounds of the whole plant. CBx offers consulting on all phases of cannabinoid and terpene extraction, purification and processing, as well as a proprietary approach to cannabinoid conversion.

Product Development

Whether refining an existing formulation or crafting a new product from scratch, the CBx team of chemists, pharmaceutical developers and physicians has the experience and expertise to successfully bring any type of inhalation, edible or topical product to market.



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